About Us

Africametering.com: electricity/gas consumers are provided with limited or no information on how to conserve energy. Also know the kind of meter in your house, africametering.com is set to educate the consumers on how to use all these utilities effectively by monitoring their consumption as well as providing tips on daily basis. Africametering.com also serves as an information hub for the players/consumers in the metering industries in Africa, our core information areas are meters, utility companies, manufacturers and consumers.

The website educates mostly consumers on how to conserve electricity and get used to lots of electrical terms such as Tariff, Wattage, Tampered etc. The website will be fully interactive with online Forum for discussions and applications to calculate your consumptions base on your appliances with your Tariff class.

Energy Consumption is on a high demand, and supply of smart energy meters not falling behind either. Also looking at the shortcomings of electricity distribution companies to provide adequate information for the consumers to guide them on daily basis on the use of their appliances to conserve energy. These days, things happen fast and the need to make things easier, more reliable and faster cannot be over emphasized.

Everybody not only have a mobile device, but goes everywhere with it. As a new innovation in the energy sector, Africametering.com and IMID are great innovations designed to support and enhance Smart Metering, extending the meter and useful information to the palm of the Customer. It exposes energy consumers to useful information regarding their energy usage also enable the user of the meter to connect with their meter.